[The in-game link to the Patreon is outdated, please use this link to go to [ArcanePengi's Patreon]. The next version will correct this error 🙏

[ArcanePengi on SubscribeStar]

⭐[Update 8/27] Arc Demo v0.14 - Features Update

  • All difficulties unlocked
  • Demon Arc available at Challenge Difficulty
  • Android Optimization
  • Bug fixes

$10 [Patreon] - STRIP Battle Action Cards v0.14 [Full Version]

$10 [SubscribeStar] - STRIP Battle Action Cards v0.14 [Windows EXE]

IT'S TIME TO S-S-S-S-S-STRIP! This is an 18+ Trading Card Game. Collect cards, build the perfect deck, and strip all your opponents! 👙 ⭐ [This demo only contains the Arc duel and two starter decks]

Support STRIP Battle Action Cards on Patreon and access to the newest build!

Progress updates at ArcanePengi's Twitter!

STRIP Battle Action Cards

Duel your opponents for the right to remain clothed! Beating them means winning cards, which you'll need if you want to challenge harder difficulties!

In this demo, you get to pick from two premade decks: Solo or Duo. Solo will let you try several cards from the Mental faction, while Duo contains cards from both Physical and Magical factions. Each faction has different playstyles, so get used to them and build your dream deck in the full version!

Beating your opponent will let you try out different outfit combos and colors in Gallery mode! All characters will be available in Gallery in the full mode upon defeating them the first time~

Future builds will be available on Patreon to try out new features as they're completed! 

Thanks for checking us out everyone! I hope you enjoy! New characters and features will be coming soon~!


[Full list of features in the final version of the game, est. release Summer 2023]

  • 50+ Unique Cards to make the perfect deck
  • 8+ Opponents each with unique challenges
  • 4 Customizable Decks
  • 5 Difficulty modes
  • Gallery mode to mix and match outfits and expressions
  • ...and many bug fixes from the Demo version! Your feedback helps improve the game!


⭐Drag an Attack card to your opponent's outfit tag to damage them! Make sure you have enough energy to use your Attack card. Energy requirements will be on each Attack card.

⭐Each turn, you gain +1 Mana. Use your Mana to activate Outfit Abilities! Your outfit tags will flash when your Outfit Abilities are ready to use. You may use one Outfit Ability per turn.

⭐If you're out of actions for your turn, hit the End Turn button! Give your opponent a chance while you strategize your next move.

⭐Defeat the Hat, Body, and Legs outfits to reveal her Undies. Defeat her Undies to win the round~!


All future content will be available in the Patreon builds as it's released:

⭐New Opponents - Stella the Magician 🎩, K.C. the Surfer 🏄‍♀️, Aya the Plushie Enthusiast 🐧, Ashe the Cashier 🏪, and more~

⭐Card Collecting - Open packs that you win by defeating opponents!

⭐Deck Building - Customize your decks with your cards to make your perfect deck!

⭐Gallery Mode - Mix and match outfit combos and expressions for each girl you defeat~!

⭐Difficulty Unlocks - Beating a character will unlock harder difficulties to challenge your deck with!


🎨Character design+art, coding, animation - ArcanePengi


🎙KumBomb (Arc)

🎙MissMauveVA (Stella)

🎙MizzPeachy (K.C.)

🎙PixieWillow (Aya)

🎙BakuSatsuHo (Syd)

🎙Nami995 (Mimi)

🎙SpicyBarMaiden (Mascot)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(139 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Cute, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Voice Acting


STRIP Cards v0.14 - APK [Arc Demo].apk 242 MB
STRIP Cards v0.14 - EXE [Arc Demo].zip 247 MB

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If i buy the game will i need yo also purchase future updates? Or will i just be able to pay the 10 for the full game and receive updates as the game releases

It's currently $10 for the month which includes the current version (not future versions) but also access to my other in-progress games (Bottomless Mines Alpha 2 and Arc's BJ Training v2 [w/ Add Ons]).

The Steam and itch.io releases will be one-time payments with all future patches and updates included. If you're interested in trying the game early you can try the Patreon version, otherwise if you're money-cautious I'd suggest waiting for the full release on Steam or itch. Hope that helped! 👍

When will it release on steam and will it also be 10 dollars there?

Haven't decided on a final price for Steam, but it will likely be more than $10 based on the amount of content I still want to add to it. 👍 Can't say how much for sure yet.

Deleted 40 days ago

Do you have some feedback for what would make it less annoying for you? Maybe we can work together and make the game a better experience! ⭐


make this but with femboys and maybe ill sub to your patreon!1!1

good game



why does it connect to pastebin.com

(5 edits) (-1)

Thanks for the flag, that seemed sus so I did some digging, good news is it's actually benign. Which is good because I'm really enjoying this game, horniness aside I think the card game mechanics work really well.

One is a dynamic code list for codes that can be claimed in game. Some of the stuff is meant to be patreon only so I won't post that link to not undermine the dev's income or intent.

The second, https://pastebin.com/raw/CEZGneFP, is a bit more interesting - it seems to serve as a way for the dev to dynamically switch buttons on and off in the UI when they go live on twitch etc, as an easy notification for dev streams i'm assuming so we can hop in. I'm guessing the dev has something they trigger on their end that swaps out the value at that url. It looks to see if the text is 't', 'twt', 'p', or 'd', for twitch, twitter, picarto and discord. 

But yeah - Pengi, using pastebin for this might come across as suspicious, i could see it getting flagged by monitoring software even if it's a legit use. Github is a good place for storing this sort of thing when it needs versioning (like the codes maybe) and then you can refer to the RAW file url directly. The status thing is a bit harder since it's ephemeral and needs no versioning, but there's free php website hosts out there and you can also get a free .cf domain name, once all linked up you could have something like www.arcanepengi.cf/status to host the '-,t,p,d,twt' file. You could also just have a github.io site - no PHP, but no dns either and github.io is a relatively trusted domain.


I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and thanks for not posting the codes 🙏 I'll consider using a different service for future updates/games that I work on. I'm still fairly new to network coding so Pastebin was the only solution I thought up. I do have arcanepengi.com domain, so I could do some research on how to set that up properly. Thanks for discovering this!

Deleted 125 days ago

Cool stuff, i did try my best to dig to what info was it querying about (like suffering through w??????rk, obviously didn't get anything out of it, the connection is HTTPS after all), but i'm happy to see that it wasn't anything bad at the end, love what you do as well Pengi, be more careful next time!

Hello, I have a question about the $25 patreon membership.

If I pay that and got the current full version of the game, I still need to pay again to get the next version if my membership expire?

(sorry for the bad english xD)


That's a good question! The patron version is updated based on the month you're supporting. You will need to still be a patron when the next version comes out, but you can drop down to the $10 version and your $25 save data will carry over. Alternatively, you can wait until the Steam version is released later this year and it will update automatically without needing the subscription. I hope that answered your question! 🙏


Ok, hope to see the steam version soon, the game is really fun and art style is adorable. Thanks for letting me know! ❤️


put it on steam 

I think your patreon and twitter is gone?

please do correct me if I'm wrong

Sorry for the confusion, I've moved my accounts to ArcanePengi. Twitter is now @ArcanePengi and Patreon is Patreon.com/ArcanePengi ✌


Why cant i play after beat arc

When i choose my difficulty and deck it crashes


Sorry about the problems, I'll look into the issues. Thanks for sharing your experience! I believe there might be an issue with loading the game Scene, which I'm planning on completely redoing in a future version 🙏 Could you tell me which device you're using to play on?

Samsung galaxy a12




Yugi, you have too much ping

Will it someday be playable on Steam?


Yes, I'm planning for a Steam release of the finished game for late 2024


i cant play it though the itch intilastion

I'll have to take it down for now, feel free to use the EXE or APK versions for now until I get it figured out

i am on mobile and when i play the game it just keep on the loading screen a.k.a starting screen and it crash few minutes... my phone can download it, but i can't play it

I'm working on optimizations for lower-end devices. I'm sorry you weren't able to play it just yet. Give me a bit more time and I'll make it playable on your device.


wow, thats great. ur the best developer that send so much efford to make game for us. <3 keep going, u doing great but don't work too hard!

will you add the stuff in the patreon version to the free version over time?

The next update will feature one of the Patreon characters to try out. Other features may arrive later on. I'm still deciding how much will be for free and what will be in the full paid version.


My phone can't handle the animation when i play how 😭


Really sorry about that, I'm still working on getting the game working on low-end devices 🙏


Using edge and started HTML version and selected start game. Arc is not clickable and is greyed out. Clicking on swap view it shows that she's locked.


Sorry about that, I believe that is a bug in the Web version only. I'm currently working on a fix for this bug to ensure that it works as soon as this next update is ready. Thanks for sharing your browser and game version, this info helps me 🙏


everytime i start the game, all the characters are locked and i cant do anything, is it because im running the online version instead of downloading it

Oh no! I think that's a bug. I'll fix it up really soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

Do you ever plan on making a steam version? and if so, do you have an estimated date? 

love this game and am looking forward to it <3 

Steam is planned, but not until the game is essentially complete. May take a little while since I'm working on the game solo, in addition to a few upcoming projects including a Visual Novel, an Arcade-style Carwash game (suds and swimsuits galore), and eventually a fighting game involving strip mechanics 👀

how soon can we look forward to a MAC version?

I'm not too sure about a Mac version yet since I'm unable to test it myself. I will try to release a Mac version for the next upcoming Stella Demo, which should be out around October!

Hey, could you be kind enough to do everything possible to adapt the game to an Alcatel 1B?, since it won't let me install the game and it's not because of space. other than that Arc's BJ training is good 21 out of 10 stars

I'll do what I can to keep optimizing the game for mobile 💪 Tbh it doesn't even run on my own phone, so I'd also like to play it on mobile xD Check back in a little bit for the next few updates. I'll research optimization the best I can

will you upload it to steam? 

Is access to the Patreon version a one time pay or is it still monthly by Patreon? Like for example if I bought access to the full version and next month you release a new version would I have to pay again?

It currently runs on a subscription until the full version is released. It's set at a reduced price on Patreon to reflect the unfinished nature of the game.

Not sure if you addressed this already, but the game doesn't appear to work on 64-bit exclusive devices (ie. Pixel 7). Do you have any plans on trying to make it work on future devices?

There is a bug for mobile, A card just starts spinning for every input and i cannot touch anything. It always occurs midgame, it would be amazing if you could fix this bug 😕

I think I know what the bug might be. It likely happens during your opponent's turn. There is some sus code that I gotta sort out, and it's on my checklist. Keep me updated if you find anything else!

Why tf it's crashing all the time before i win at easy mode

Which version of the game have you downloaded? And how powerful is the system you're running it on? I have yet to optimize it for most android devices, but if you're using a high-end Android device it should run fine.

the last version I'm playing at other games not doing anything like that and it happens when I'm almost win at easy when i play baby mode nothing happens

i don't know if its possible but please make this mac compatible!

I've been getting this request more frequently, so I'll definitely put it on my to do list for the v0.14 update ✌

tiene idioma español el juego?  si no lo tiene podria añadirlo porfavor?

well; i dunno if it's supposed to happen, but somehow opening a pack gets me more packs. this makes opening them all a surprising grind...

Hmm, I've never seen that bug yet. Could you let me know what happened step-by-step, and provide some screenshots if possible?


Bro lovin this game. Cute and lewd is the best kind of cute. Love the art and game mechanics. Will probably take a break on other card games for this.


Thank you! I'm really glad you like it! ❤ Each update will have a few more cards and a new feature/opponent, so look forward to those! I'm planning on adding a Roguelike game mode to the next version~

followed on twitter, looking forward for more cuteness *wink wink*


Fun game 

Deleted 1 year ago

The full version of the current update is on my Patreon, it is $10 and new versions come out monthly with new characters, features, and cards. Once the game is finished, I'll consider releasing it for pay on other sites. I'm expecting it to be done by Fall or Winter of this year.

will full game cost money?

The full version of the current update is on my Patreon, it is $10 and new versions come out monthly with new characters, features, and cards. Once the game is finished, I'll consider releasing it for pay on other sites.


Nice game! I like the art style, its very cute! I haven't played many games like this but this one is my favourite so far! Only problem I have is sometimes, when I try using an attack card, I can't actually use it. Even if it's the start of my turn. I don't know if it explained that in the tutorial and I'm being stupid or not but sometimes I can attack and then randomly I can't. And I'm pretty sure I have enough energy/mana to use them. 9/10!

I'm glad you like it ^-^ Regarding the Attack card, is it because you have a different Color energy card? If you can replicate this experience and send a picture, I'll be able to help effectively! There's a tutorial button in the top of the battle screen if you need help.

Thanks but it's fine now. I figured it out. Really great game! 

Hola, como se consigue los demás personajes?

Los demás personajes estarán en la versión completa, que está en Patreon. [Google Translate]

Muchas gracias :)


I think this game i one of the unique games

most of the game are not like creative, but yours, i think is creative

indie game > AAA Games


A lot of my inspiration for this game came from the Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy. As well as Hearthstone. I'm glad I was able to make it unique! ❤


Really cute as shit, absolutely love the art style ^w^


Cute & Lewd is my specialty uwu


Game ran fine on my end and was super fun

Glad you liked it CharChar! Optimizing runtime is a big issue I face in a lot of my games >.<; If you ever notice any bugs or lags, please let me know and I can investigate it and fix it!

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